Cloud consulting Servies include:

Cloud migration planning: A cloud consultant will assess your existing infrastructure and help you plan the migration of your data and applications to the cloud  such as for migrating application from OnPrem to AWS Cloud Design/Build Devops CI/CD Pipeline (GitHub, GitLab, Ansible, Jenkins…).

Cloud architecture design: Cloud consultants will design the architecture of your cloud-based infrastructure, taking into account your business needs, compliance requirements, and security concerns.

Cloud vendor selection: Cloud consultants can help you choose the right cloud provider based on your business requirements, budget, and other factors.

Cloud security and compliance: Cloud consultants can help you ensure that your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant with regulatory standards.

Cloud cost optimization: Cloud consultants can help you optimize your cloud infrastructure to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Cloud management and monitoring: Cloud consultants can help you manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

Overall, cloud consulting can provide businesses with the expertise and guidance they need to successfully adopt cloud computing and realize the benefits of the cloud.