B2B Training

  • EDI
    Introduction to EDI
    Why EDI?
    Overview of EDI Standards
    ANSI message format
    EDIFACT message format
    EDI Implementation guides
  • ITX Mapping
    Build Type Trees
    Create maps for any to any format
  • SFG Training
    Understand purpose and scope of MFT
    Setup Producer/Consumer
    Setup Routes/Routing Templates/Routing Channels
    Replay and Redeliver
    Mailbox/Routing Rule setups
  • B2B Mapping
    Introduction to Gentran
    Map Editor Basics
    Envelope Setup
    Map Editor functions (String, Date and other Misc functions)
    Standard/Extended Rules
    On Begin/On End Rules
    Use of Temporary segments, fields
    Flat to flat file mapping (examples and exercise)
    EDI to flat file mapping (examples and exercise)
    XML to EDI mapping (examples and exercise)
    Debugging and testing maps